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We are an award-winning creative firm, having won national first place honors in the prestigious community relations category from the Legal Marketing Association for our Family Law Cares campaign.

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Authenticity is the key to our approach to legal marketing, advertising and PR. To be authentic is to function in the real world. People often make hiring decisions based on who is most authentic, and they can detect the inauthentic from miles away. We focus on messages that portray the authentic in our clients, using a combination of new and old media to get your message across.



“Over the years, we’ve honed our skills to a razor’s edge. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Like how to reach new markets the competition overlooks and drive growth. In a nutshell, we’ve learned how to use your own story to earn you more clients, better clients, or both.

“For almost three decades, we have been a leader in the integration of the best available marketing and PR methods into the promotion of lawyers and law firms.

“Every promotional plan is custom, built to accentuate the personality and character of the firm. Nothing is a template, and so the pathway to success is yours alone.”

Larry Upshaw
CEO and Creative Director



We emphasize our creative, award-winning, results-oriented promotional platform. The following is a prime example of our work, a distinctive new website for Johnston Tobey Baruch.

JTB home page

The Dynamics of Law Firm Marketing

Everything in legal marketing and PR falls within 3 distinct areas:


Casts the widest net. National advertising may be on the decline, but targeted local advertising is thriving. It’s still the most effective way for lawyers to reach the broadest audience of potential clients.


Connects the dots in today's digital landscape, where potential clients make crucial decisions about their legal assistance needs before ever meeting you. Content is king in the information age, heavy is the crown.


Your most powerful marketing tool. If you can talk with or be seen by potential clients and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field, you gain a huge leg up on securing new business.


There is no one single service that does the job of effectively promoting attorneys the first time, for all time. But still you are hit each day with solicitations from every publication, web jockey and social media addict claiming to be just that. At Texas Law Marketing, we have the experience and common sense to realize that intelligent bundling of services works. And so we offer the LAWTALK™ TEXAS marketing platform of bundled promotion as the base unit of our law firm marketing and PR service. This is an on-going promotional presence that uniquely leverages the most powerful facet of legal marketing—face-to-face connections—and opens the door to a world of virtual connections.

Once your base is established, we build on it with scalable, multi-level opportunities tailor-made to suit the needs of law firms with from three to 100 attorneys. From comprehensive identity and branding, expanded social media engagement, online video presentations, website design and online content creation, to email marketing and print and digital advertising, the LAWTALK™ TEXAS marketing platform provides all the tools you need to drive new and better clients to your door.


We’ve worked with Texas attorneys since 1985, longer than any other marketing or PR firm.

For Family Law Cares, we captured First Place nationwide in community relations from the Legal Marketing Association.

We grew a Dallas-area firm into the largest family law firm in the Southwest and more than doubled their revenue during the 2007-2011 recession.

We operate the only full scale, privately owned legal speakers bureau, providing attorney speakers for non-profit groups and company events across the state.

We helped the Dallas Bar Association raise $13.5 million to expand the Belo using email marketing, print advertising and PR.

We’ve ghostwritten 12 books on legal topics, placed hundreds of newspaper and magazines articles, and written thousands of blog posts and white papers.

We planned and promoted the award-winning Family Law Cares pro bono campaign for the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

Our placement of media stories for our lawyer clients is unequaled. One year, we placed the same client on radio, TV or in print at least once a week.